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Samsung QuickDrive™ Washer & Heatpump Dryer 9Kg, Front Load, 4 Ticks

For Demo purposes. We encourage more vendors and green products to come on board!

Requires installation of SmartThings app on compatible Android or iOS device, and Wi-Fi® connectivity to the mobile device.

2Based on internal testing on Samsung DV8800N with a 3kg load on SuperSpeed cycle and Samsung WW6800M with a 5kg load (40℃ course) on SuperSpeed cycle. Individual results may vary.

Specifications (Describe how Eco-friendly, and energy savings ability) 5.7 L/kg Water ConsumptionWashing Capacity (kg) 9.0 kgNet Dimension (WxHxD) 600 x 850 x 600 mm Net Weight 80 kg
Energy savings %: Energy Efficiency Rating 4 ticks
Annual energy use (kWh/yr)
Water savings %: Water Efficiency (WELS) 4 tick
Annual Water Use (Litre/yr) Water Efficiency (WELS) 4 tick
Percentage of recycled materials in product
Brand Name: Samsung
Model Number:
Product Name: QuickDrive™, 9Kg, Front Load
Capacity: 9kg
Energy savings Certification: Yes 4 ticks Your laundry controlled?