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  2. User and buyers are notified base on your request
  3. Start trading and chat for more info. Delivery services are embedded with option to engage in. Payments are secured.

DEMO and Out of stock: As we are just starting up our Cleantech marketplace | Green Exchange, we have labelled most products as DEMO (demonstration purposes) so that interested vendors and stakeholders can have better view of the contents.

In line with our vision, we have the following categories in our marketplace to provide value added services, develop key products and technology know-how relating to clean technology to strengthen environmental sustainability. We also provide capital structure / financing options to business owners, such as leasing or hire-purchase model , invoice financing, and short-term business loans  http://www.envio.com.sg/crowdfunding/.

Under recycling category, we have included materials that can either be refurbished or converted into resources such as oil, carbon materials, resins, fertiliser, precious metals, and electricity.

Under the Green Products category, we market products that are made mostly from eco-friendly and recycled materials, such as shoes, bags, sunglasses as well as biodegradable products. We also encourage the reuse and repurpose of pre-owned products to be traded. Products such as Electronics and Home Appliances that are eco-friendly, such as energy savings are most welcome.

In addition to Food and Beverage, this is for food business owners who want to sell organic food and beverage, and this category provides a “fire sale” marketplace to encourage food business owners to place their products for sale to avoid food wastage. We also encourage ugly food (edible fresh fruits and vegetables with slight discoloration, bruising or misshapenness).

Integrating technologies, we are enabling a far more effective outreach to sustainability. We extend this category to merchants who have Cleantech related products and services to feature on Green Exchange, which accelerates sales, projects and digital experience.

We are promoting eco-living, and properties that are designed and built using materials and technologies that are energy, water and waste efficient, thereby lowering carbon footprint. The design should also include Smart Solutions and collectively, making our homes and offices more liveable and truly sustainable.

  • Effective and efficient green ecosystem via market place to connect buyers and sellers.
  • Sellers can be buyers too and then sell through Greenex.
  • Transactions will be monitored and tracked
  • Easy to trade and connected worldwide with a real-time communication ability.
  • User sign up to log in to access:
  • full list of items on sale
  • chat with other users
  • apply notification on goods desired
  • commence trading
  • can opt for delivery/logistics options
  • transactions are secured, monitored and tracked
  • disputes will be monitored and support the users for amicable settlement
  • history transactions, tokens (points) will be updated
  • incentives and rewards (Green token)
  • Buyers can create buy offer and be notified when products are available in stock

Users may want to take it offline to transact. We encourage users to stay and transact online, as we have built-in services for deliveries, secured money transactions (payments will not be released until goods are received and cleared), coupon (green tokens) will be tracked where we will build incentives whereby the tokens can be exchanged for goods and services.

We want to develop and build young businesses around the world for users focusing on Cleantech by providing effective business models, capital structure, technologies and experience in environmental advisory services.

Marketplace Information

Within 3 days from posting it will be featured online. We require 3 days’ grace period to review the appropriateness before posting online.

We uphold data security and all information submitted are stored online and protected by secured encryption technology. We do not trade or engage in good or services that are not allowed by laws and regulations to ensure a safe marketplace.

When buyer confirms the trade, the buyer has to make payment online as an escrow. This amount will not be transferred to the seller until the process below has been satisfied.

Sales transactions are within Singapore -> seller and buyer acknowledge goods are transferred -> payment will need to be settled within 3 days.

For export transactions, our tracker will prompt both seller and buyer to confirm goods receipt -> buyer to confirm the clearance of goods receipt within 2 weeks -> payment is released to the seller.

Please refer to our Terms and conditions, and Privacy Policy. We do not charge subscription for users unless they opt for premium services. However, we reserve the right to revise our fee and charges due to operating costs moving forward.

Do understand we have business costs and your support and revenue generated from this market place determines the sustainability of Greenex.

We do offer premium subscription at $30/ month to sellers, and can be terminated anytime. No refunds will be provided. No fee is required for buyers.

Premium user’s entitlement

– Non-premium sellers can post up to 2 items at any time. Premium users can post up to 10 items (contents and materials). For more than 10 items, we will review accordingly.

– Get premium tag added to your profile and be notified in advance on interested products and services.

For export services, only products from Envio Green Exchange will be available. Products from other vendors will be sold in Singapore (domestic only). Kindly place separate order for exports or email us for further inquiries.

For purchases more than $5000, we will direct you to contact us by email, to ascertain the purchase and confirm your orders to prevent errors. We will reply within 3 days.

For total purchase weighing more than 30kg, we will direct you to contact us by email, to ascertain the purchase and confirm your orders to prevent errors, and perhaps obtain better delivery rate. We will reply within 3 days.

For service related products, you may still add to cart as a bookmark. We encourage you to contact the vendors for better understanding before settlement.

We do not encourage fresh produce to be export out form Singapore.