Zero waste nation.

Greenex is an online trading platform for Waste to Resources (Green Exchange) created by Envio Enterprise.

About Us

We are your one-stop Cleantech online marketplace that caters to your needs and supplies.

Envio is founded by three passionate individuals, William Ho, Rudy Ha, and Kelvin Ong. Our motivation and goals are simple… take immediate action to tackle climate change… But how??? We realised the one major obstacle to be environmentally sustainable, is the inability to make economic sense out of it. Therefore, we are exactly here to unlock this economic value and literally turn trash into cash!

Come join us in this exciting journey and together we are stronger in reducing the impacts of climate change.

Greenex (Green Exchange) is an online trading platform for Waste to Resources, natural and eco-friendly products and services, created by Envio Enterprise. We are a start-up enterprise and together with the right partners, we want to spread Singapore’s brand worldwide.

We also promote technopreneurship, commercialization of IP, build sustainable business plans, and work on continuous research and innovation collaboration with the local research institutes for continuous breakthrough in applicable technology and engineering capabilities.

We are aiming to be a leading Cleantech solutions provider by digitalisation. Market demand for recycling / upcycling platform to manage a fragmented market.

E-commerce and ready infrastructure, as well as cashless payment, such as e-wallet and blockchain technologies are well in position to be integrated into this online trading platform for waste to resources or by-products (repurpose), thereby avoiding landfill.

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9,600 Plastics (tons)
7,300 Organic Waste (tons)
1,000 E-Waste (units)
2,000 Green Products (units)
51,883 GHG (Co2eq)
277,449 Car Carbon Footprint (KM)

Target 2020

  • Recycled/Recyclable/Pre-owned
  • Equipment or products that are “green” in nature, such as food waste digester, membrane, fertiliser (organic and bio), organic food, alkaline water ioniser, designer clothes and accessories, furniture, and so on
  • B2B and B2C vendors and industry recyclers taking up these raw materials

Zero Waste

Zero waste: “Singapore has designated 2019 as the Year Towards Zero Waste. We are working towards becoming a zero waste nation by reducing our consumption of materials, and reusing and recycling them to give them a second lease of life. In 2017, Singapore generated over 7.7 million tonnes of waste.

This is a seven-fold increase from 40 years ago, and is enough to fill 15,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools!”

Our concept is to create a value chain of waste as raw materials to offtake or buyer, hence closing the waste loop (that is to allow repeated making of the same product over and over again without degradation of properties). Value chain: waste materials, to collection centre and treatment facilities, to production + designers, to assembly, to distribution centres.  Each product varies, but the objective is consistent -> cradle to cradle.  Towards the circular economy: Accelerating the scale-up across global supply chains

What is a circular economy? A framework for an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design

An in –house tracking and monitoring system to be developed, similar to the logistics GPS tracking system concept.